Oral Surgery

You want someone you can trust.

The need for Oral Surgery can be emotionally and physically exhausting.When you need a tooth removed, we will treat you with the skill and compassion needed to ensure a positive experience.


Needing a tooth removed can be very stressful. We understand. We will answer all your questions and discuss all your options prior to your procedure.

If you are medically compromised or are taking medications which are contraindicated to having a tooth removed, we will make sure you are referred to a proper facility that will ensure your safety and well being..

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth start to come in around the age of sixteen give or take depending on the person.

The problems are when Wisdom teeth come in crooked or impacted or push against other teeth causing more pain and moving other teeth out of alignment. Sadly it’s time for that tooth to go.

Most times the procedure is quick and as painless as possible with only a few days of discomfort while you heal.

You want an oral surgeon with a gentle touch you can trust.

Schedule your appointment with Cregar Dental and rest easy.

Treating facial trauma on a limited basis

We treat facial trauma symptomatic with

  • abscesses
  • cysts
  • mouth injury
  • toothaches
  • infections

Depending on the nature of the trauma,
we can treat in our office or refer you to the proper specialist.

facial trauma

Alleviating facial pain

Infections, tooth aches, abscesses, sinus swelling can all cause intense pressure and pain.

Contact us immediately so we can get you back to health.

If the pain becomes serious, view our Emergency Dental Services

Tooth ache